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MY WoRLD … ” You are my sun, my moon Recipe


” You are my sun, my moon + all my stars”
Everything I do for you ✨ I was repeatedly told and advised against you, my body rejects pregnancy. I was even suggested to abort you. But I wanted you. I was willing to take every risk, to risk my life, to risk it all. I was ready for you. My intuition was screaming at me that I would be ok. I trusted and i believed and I was guided by my angels. I am so grateful you. So blessed to have you.
First of all, Thank You each and everyone one of you, even those I’ve never connected with before, for your support and well wishes over the past week and especially today. I spent 8:30-4:00pm in the Mater Cancer Clinic and had my treatment 11-4. The only reaction I had was extreme fatigue, mild itching in my ears, sinuses, nose and back of my throat. Since I’ve had my throat close up during a treatment before they gave me preventatives and phenergan #sleptlikeadream ✨ a special loving thanks to my husband for having Luca all day, my sister for keeping me company and to my superwoman friend Daniela #cancersurvivor #hospitalfriendssince2011 who painted with me in a small room near the treatment area I have such amazing support, beautiful family and friends and I believe what you put out what you get back I have my 2nd treatment in 3 weeks and hopefully that will be all i need for now. It does mean no more babies for at least 12 months post treatment but we’re ok with that. We have all we need right now I’m feeling exhausted so I am sure i hear my bed calling my name so grateful for each and everyone of you and the connections/friendships I have made much love xx Lu

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