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Might be my favourite so far – our Pin of the Month

Might be my favourite so far – our Pin of the Month for July is “Alice in the Starry Night!” – only $12.99 – everybody can buy her at my Strangeling website (link is in my profile, then click SHOP and then click Collectible Enamel Pins to see them all!) – we ship WORLDWIDE. These turned out SO neat! Of course those of you who are part of our Patreon Pin Collectors’ Club ( search Jasmine Patreon ) you will receive her automatically as well as all the bonus Patreon exclusives (like the upcoming Paisley pin next month, Patreon-only) – if you collect pins, it’s well worth your time to sign up there. I design these pins myself – they are all metal & enamel – typically 1″-1.5″ in size, each pin is built with TWO double “locking” style posts to stop them from falling off or getting lost (super double secure). New pins are released each month, we also have special exclusives at events, again of course for Patron Pin Tier subscriptions, loads to choose from.
Alice in the Starry Night of course is based on my painting of the same name, part of my Art History series “Alice in Other Lands” – specifically this one is inspired by the Vincent Van Gogh “Starry Night” painting.

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