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HEALTHY ANZAC BISCUITS Lest we forget . Not many of you Recipe

HEALTHY ANZAC BISCUITS Lest we forget . Not many of you will know this, but many moons ago I volunteered for the New Zealand territorial force reserves. I trained as an officer and graduated as a full Lieutenant. It was the most amazing experience of comradeship in my life, learning how to trust and care for others, even if conditions of the highest adversity. Whilst I no longer serve, I have the fondest memories of the people I met during that time and places I visited. It also gave me a much deeper appreciation for war and peace, what it meant for our grandfathers and mothers, and what it means for us today.
So in honour of the fallen, and of those people still fighting for peace in many countries abroad, I share these ANZAC biscuits. My plant-based peace-loving version of a classic .
Enjoy your ANZAC day wherever you are, and remember what it means – us having been bestowed the gift of freedom, equality, and peace x Buffy #lestweforget .
PS recipe link in my profile now x
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