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Be the friend you would hope to have when things get rough

Be the friend you would hope to have when things get rough
Recently I realized how easy it is to push away energy and people around if we don’t care about openness of our hearts and love we give. I found myself back to New York after two weeks of work and great connections. Even though I quite enjoyed the life I created in New York when I got back all I wanted to do is to travel, to be outside in nature, to be around people I enjoy being around. What I really had to do was finishing the work I created, recovering from my lung infection and being where I am which is New York City.
My mind wouldn’t let me off the hook for whole week. Despite of all the plans made for a little bit later my mind would want it all in NOW. There were three parts of me. One would be angry with me for feeling those feelings, one would be observing those feelings and one was having those feelings. The feeling was so intense that a couple of times it won a battle over a silent back sit observer that was looking at the tantrum of my inner child who wanted to have fun and didn’t want to work.
Meanwhile the Universe started working for me. It would start warning me that it will take things and people from my life if I won’t stop this ego party. People I care about tried to reach out but because of the way I was they would feel to stay away rather than coming closer (and that is what my ego actually wanted). I describe this because I want my readers to see that I’m work in progress. I have learnt tools to deal with my mind and they are working well when I use them. All this yoga, meditation, running, affirmations, creating art that heals, being in touch with my senses, teaching, all of those tools are working perfectly when I use them though. There’re times then when the ego acts out.
I’m grateful for the friends who were there for me ———-
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