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Work-in-progress! Here I am adding the first layers of shading for a

Work-in-progress! Here I am adding the first layers of shading for a new painting – “Releasing Fireflies”- the third of four paintings I will be doing for the Insectarium show at Eight and Sand Gallery in Seattle this July!
Mostly a sketch at this point in black & grey paint, I’m adding some neutral lighter tones with a soft fuzzy brush and fingerpainting a bit. Lighting will be very important in this painting as there is a very directed light source (the jar of fireflies!) so I want to keep that in mind as I’m working.
Summer is here, and with it (in some parts of the world at least) comes the fireflies! (Or “lightning bugs” as we called them when I was little). I remember always being worried about them, as us kids would put them in jars with holes poked in the top for air. I worried that people would leave the jars somewhere and forget about them, or that somebody would forget to poke holes. My favourite part was when we let them go – it was a relief, and it always looked a bit magical!
This piece is on an 8×10″ panel, original acrylic painting, she’ll come in a gorgeous ornate 16×19″ frame (I have four matching frames, three 8x10s and a 12×16 for the Insectarium show, I’ll post pics of the others shortly), and she will be priced at $2400. If anybody is interested in this piece just contact my friend/curator Alex at:

Eight and Sand Gallery ships worldwide, and they do also offer short-term installment plans for payment.
Gonna be in Seattle? I’ll be at the show in person, 6-9pm on July 8th (Saturday night is the opening) – details are here –
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