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Who’s ready for the #eclipse? Here’s a peek at @sakuma.yuka’s beautiful

Who’s ready for the #eclipse? Here’s a peek at @sakuma.yuka’s beautiful new painting “Reflection of the Moon” by from her new series #MiniatureGarden, debuting tomorrow night! The show marks Yuka Sakuma’s first US solo, alongside fantastical new works by @nicolettaceccoli.
For their 2-woman show, both artists found endless inspiration in innocence. Their young subjects are beautiful because they possess something that we have all tragically lost in our adulthood. For #NicolettaCeccoli, childhood is a magically joyful condition regained in her imaginative illustrations, as #YukaSakuma’s delicate subjects flourish in a state of youthfulness and bliss.
Nicoletta Ceccoli and Yuka Sakuma’s show opens 7-11pm this Saturday, August 19th in gallery 3, coinciding with an exciting new body of work by @brandimilne in our main gallery and @sarahemersonart in gallery 2.
To request the collector’s preview, please email us at
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