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When bananas were a good 5 cents! haha! A very common QUEsTIOn.. Recipe

When bananas were a good 5 cents! haha! A very common QUEsTIOn… especially among students and families lately~how do you eat plant based affordably? Is it even possible?? A short answer to that is we actually spend less than we use to! For a family of 4, living in Hawaii which is pretty expensive ~ we spend approx 800/month (including shampoo, & toiletries). Not buying cheese and meats and purchasing pre made snacks, & meal ish etc saves! The biggest saver is shopping in bulk, in season, and with usually a theme of meals in plan so you can utilize all your ingredients like (Mexican, Greek, French, Thai , etc) and buying very minimally novelty vegan substitutes cuz that stuff adds up SO fast Eating out is a whole new topic but in short, as much as I respect vegan restaurants, they are usually expensive and tiny portions so for me, it’s more satisfying to eat at pre-existing family’n friends fav restaurants and modify a dish slightly! I.e. No sour cream and cheese but more roasted veggies and avo etc . Do you find eating plant based expensive? How about eating out?! What’s your secrets for saving?! Oh ya! Plant an herb garden! It’s super duper simple and makes ya smile every time to pluck a bit off :) Hope this helps! #21EarthyDays #DAY 7!

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