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What matters most! – Hey you ever think about your carbon foot Recipe

What matters most! – Hey you ever think about your carbon foot print? About how what you do affects more than you but our for ever giving Mother Earth? It’s been on the forefront of my mind. I’ve kinda been reevaluating and asking myself , what can I do better? How can I teach my kids to be more aware? Am I recycling everything or just when convenient? Can I purchase more locally than I currently am? Are there more times I coulda just walked or biked? Should I make my garden bigger? can I do with less? It’s easy to think it doesn’t matter that it’s not going to make a difference but it fully does!! The change is first recognized within-it feels good…, then perhaps in your family, then perhaps trickles into your group of friends, your community and feeds into society as a whole! I’ve learned from my friends and neighbors examples and even online examples and I’m suuuper grateful it! It feels right, feels respectful to our beautiful forever giving planet and I guess showing you care is a way to show that! Anyway I have lots of room for improvement and would love to know your thoughts on it, what you do to minimize waste etc! Thanks for the snap my friend @ambermozo!

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