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|| WEEKENDS || … I missed my bestie bear this morning when Recipe


I missed my bestie bear this morning when I woke up to no snuggles. Morning snuggles are my ultimate fave time of the day ☺️ I didn’t even get a sleep in because the cat woke me up a trillion times during the night #needy Can’t wait to get up, get ready and head off to see him and daddy bear ☺️ We have a little 1st birthday party today and lots of much needed family hangs this weekend #family ✨
I had such a wonderful time last night, eating delicious food at one of my faves @byblosbar with our SE QLD @babesandpicnics ambassadors, SO many laughs, wines and lots of delicious food! Lots of photos on our @babesandpicnics Insta stories! If you’re in Brisbane you should come to the Brisbane South picnic on Monday morning that Kassi @mum_to_miss_q and I will be hosting with our special guest speaker Shannon @mums_bubs_nutritionist who will talk all things nutrition with you! Have a stellar weekend beautiful people xx Lu ✌

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