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*WARNING: UPDATE on hurt dog (next photo is *gnarly*). BUT look! Hugo

*WARNING: UPDATE on hurt dog (next photo is *gnarly*). BUT look! Hugo is totally healed tonight at sunset over NYC….so. It’s been 3 months since my pup tangled with a coyote while in the Catskills of upstate NY. The coyote had Hugo clenched by the neck in his jaws and, without a second thought, my husband and I raised our arms, confronted the coyote, and screamed in his face. It was the weirdest most feral moment in my life and I will always remember that grey/black mottled pelt. The coyote was surprised and dropped our 10 lb. dog but didn’t take off straight away, rather hung around a couple beats like, “you gonna eat that? Because if not…” We scooped the pup up and charged at the coyote who just sauntered away pretty casually. I’d never heard a dog scream like our boy at that point. It’ll haunt me forever. His haunches were punctured along with his throat. It took a terrible hour to get him to an opened animal hospital. 40 stitches and many treats on, he began to heal. Today his fur covers the brutal scars and nobody can see the history. We hiked yesterday and he was back 100%, jumping in the lake and digging random holes. Crazy dogs. Why do we fall in love!?

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