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Very cool stuff by @austine_studio Repost from @physicsfun – Polage: art with

Very cool stuff by @austine_studio
Repost from @physicsfun – Polage: art with polarized light using polarizing sheets and cellulose to create changing forms and colors. Rotation of the filter allows the artist to incorporate more than one image and produce colorful metamorphosis. This piece was created by Austine Wood Comarow- the main developer of this art form- and this piece is signed “Young Rose 1987 28/50”. Light has an orientation, denoted as polarization, and a polarizing filter can be used to block certain orientations. The colors in polage come from how the molecular structure of plastics can rotate the polarization of any light that passes through- but only light corresponding to yellows and greens gets rotated in plastic, reds and blues not so much. Polage uses different layers of plastic to rotate the light, and then polarizing filters are added to allow only certain frequencies (colors) of light through. ➡️ Follow the link in my profile for more info about the physics of polage and where to get art featured on @physicsfun #polarizer #polarizedlight #light #optics #physics #physicstoy #kineticart #electromagnetism #polage #science #linearpolarization #scienceisawesome #AustineWood @austine_studio

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