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Vegan Pizza People often ask me “but what can you eat Recipe

Vegan Pizza People often ask me “but what can you eat as a vegan?” and I’m sometimes startled by the question. I then try to list lentils, bread, pasta, veggies, fruits and anything else that comes to mind… but I always end up saying “I can eat everything you can eat, I just find a vegan version of it.” And that’s true. It may not taste 100% the same, but it gets pretty close and it tastes great. Knowing that things like vegan pizza and burgers existed truly made the transition a million times easier for me. Then there are those who say that vegan food shouldn’t imitate non vegan food, but I didn’t go vegan because I didn’t like non vegan “food”. Quite the opposite, I went vegan despite the fact that I LOVED it. So if vegan cheese, meat and eggs keep people from eating animals, I’ll absolutely support that. #friendsnotfood (pizza recipe video posted on my other account, @bestofvegan)

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