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|| UNTHINKABLE FRIENDS || … Cino + Luca. The Cutest Best friends Recipe


Cino + Luca.
The Cutest Best friends since August 2017.
You see, Cino is my parents Burmese, but he’s not all that nice. Well, he’s just rough. He bites so hard that he draws blood. He always looks angry and he only likes my dad. Actually he LOVES my dad.
So as you can imagine, I was a bit apprehensive about his behaviour when I offered to housesit their house for 6 weeks.
It turns out that since my dad isn’t around, he has found a new bestie. He still bites me but he is sooo affectionate with Luca. He adores him!
Animals are so instinctive. It amazes me.
Although we have a new problem to face at home. Oura, our blue Burmese is now being aggressive towards Luca. She bites him and she’s so mean. More mean than before. But she’s always been a non sharer. Everything on her terms only. “Don’t touch me, I’ll touch you when I’m in the mood thanks” kinda sass. And only wants our attention all to herself. Minus Luca. Returning home will be interesting …
How do your animals get on with your babes? Hope you’ve had a beautiful weekend xx Lu

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