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Troy has a new snack, he makes it by himself. I’m always Recipe

Troy has a new snack, he makes it by himself. I’m always blown away by the simplicity of my kids choices. The longer we follow a plant based lifestyle, the simplest it gets. Sometimes they looses interest in some of the things they used to like before, which makes me a bit worried, but I think it’s been long enough so we unlearned some of the standards and especially my youngest who’s been raised this was since not even 1 year old, he has now a pure desire for foods. What do ya all think? Is it possible to unlearn completely? Maya for example is the oldest and she’s been on buns with milk till 4 y.o. I know she misses the taste of it even after such long time, maybe not milk but white bread, pancakes, crepes, etc…. I used to make a lot of these back in times. Do you guys know any ways how to loose that desire behind? Troy never tried it and he doesn’t care. Easy as this. Maybe in the future once in a while she will have some, but for now anything that is starchy and fried is not good for her. I’m confused sometimes myself on a lot of things. I know one thing for sure – no animal foods. That’s the base. The rest of my philosophy is the most raw plants we can eat and if cooked – the least processing of it.
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