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This Sunday Funday I’m sharing 10 things about me! 1. I Recipe

This Sunday Funday I’m sharing 10 things about me!
1. I get very anxious about posting photos of myself but believe it helps people make a deeper connection when they see a face behind the message.
2. I’m extremely shy around strangers. It takes me awhile to warm up to new people but I really love making new friends
3. Music makes my heart full ❤️ I always carry a speaker with me and enjoy sharing the experience with others. Music festivals are my happy place.
4. I am 100% Vietnamese. It was very hard giving up my mom’s cooking when I first became vegan. She now modifies her recipes for me
5. I love sunlight ☀️ It has such a huge effect on my mood. I need all of the blinds in my apartment to be open first thing in the morning.
6. I’m the queen of “bojangling.” I like to lounge around after my showers and take my sweet time doing everything. It’s usually a very long process to get me out the door.
7. I’m obsessed with wearing glitter on my face ‍ Glitter makes everyone happy and I love to leave a little sparkle wherever I go  
8. I don’t like to wear dresses Collared shirts make me feel weird and uncomfortable. I probably wear jean shorts 90% of the time.
9. I always overpack. I’ll end up wearing the same 2 shorts but I’ll stick pack 10 other pairs “just in case” 10. I have one small tattoo on my stomach✨ I plan to get “vegan” written on my wrist but I’m terrified of needles.  Now that I’ve shared this I might need to finally get it!
Thank you for reading and to @rainbowplantlife and @fitness_bianca for the nomination to share 10 things about me! I’d love to get to know YOU better! ✨ What are some fun facts that describe you?!

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