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This is ‘Delihah’ the dog we befriended and named here in Ubud Recipe

This is ‘Delihah’ the dog we befriended and named here in Ubud.
She came to our villa a few nights ago, late at night, frail and looking for food. I only had bread to give her and fresh water which she was thankful for.
At first she was too scared to enter, flinched at sudden movement or odd sounds.
She soon realized she was safe and we loved her presence. When she was thirsty she picked up the container and looked at me to fill it up with water! She respected our space, only entered when she was invited and guarded our villa with pride.

So well mannered. Very smart. Such grace. The last night I gave her a special treat I bought for her from the supermarket, good back rub, said goodnight and told her she could sleep on our couch.
Some how she understood me and I woke up to find her resting peacefully.

The local driver informed me Balinese prefer designer puppies and that’s what he’s children wanted, so he bred them.
This is the same in Australia but instead of the streets the dogs are left in pounds.
Perfectly unique dogs are looking for a good home, if I could bring Delilah back I would in a heartbeat.

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