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The day that I stopped competing and comparing was the day that

The day that I stopped competing and comparing was the day that EVERYTHING changed for me. My yoga business started to operate from an unapologetically authentic place and just like that, clients and opportunities started pouring in.
I remember it so clearly. It was March of 2014 and I was in the middle of a 40 day meditation and journaling challenge. I was stuck in a “lack” mentality, thinking that there was not enough to go around and what did little ‘ol me really have to offer this world?!? 4 years into operating my yoga business, I hit a wall and knew that if I wanted to move forward, I had to make a serious change.
So I meditated. I prayed. I got quiet and for the first time, truly listened for the wisdom within me to arise. I discovered my triggers and invited to the surface some deep pain and childhood trauma I was clinging to that told me I wasn’t good enough. I went deep into the jungle of my soul to reveal the medicine that I needed to make the shift. This was one of the most profound years of my life in which I fully committed to the self-work and self-discovery I needed to transform. It definitely did NOT happen overnight, but when the shift happened, I never looked back.
I very rarely now question my purpose or my power. I believe whole-heartedly that there is room enough for ALL OF US to shine. I invite you to dig deep to let go of the lack mentality and invite in abundance, into all areas of your life.
How do you know that it’s working? Because it has a ripple effect through every part of your being. Your business operates from a more loving, powerful place, yes. But so do your relationships. Your friendships bloom. Your relationship with your body improves. Your actions become in alignment with your words and you see other women as partners (versus competitors) in this world.
Can anyone else attest to this magic? ✨ When did you choose love over fear and welcome abundance into all areas of your life?
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