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*SWIPE* I’ve never appreciated stretch marks so much as I did when

I’ve never appreciated stretch marks so much as I did when working on this piece. They are so damn beautiful to me. So visually interesting with such satisfying texture and patterns. Such a shame they are looked at with disgust. Such a shame that what I find so beautiful, she hates about herself. I for one have a deeper appreciation for my own stretch marks after having drawn this, and a respect for this great woman putting herself out there in such a vulnerable way and having to confront a great deal of shit so that I could create this.
That is the belly I baked in for almost nine months, and the body that fed me in my early life, so please don’t be obtuse and sexualize a piece of art that is not sexual. If this body offends you, that’s you’re problem, not the body’s, and not mine. This body is #LIFE. *(last photo is what it looked like once this piece was mounted to custom shaped panels but still in its original placement before it was rearranged.)

PanPastel and carbon on paper mounted to panels.
On view in Oakland California @athenbgallery until Sept 1st as part of my solo show #PLAYGROUNDS
Email to inquire.

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