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Sunrise at Brooklyn Bridge with @somewhat_rad    She is one of the

Sunrise at Brooklyn Bridge with @somewhat_rad   
She is one of the most ethical and giving yoga teachers I know. She’s my client and a friend. I took her first professional photographs and it made me think how yoga practice is a life practice. 
I notice that I treat my photography as a yoga practice. Part of it is yoga karma. I choose what I give and I give it fully. When I charge for my services I do my best to do more than I was paid for and serve fully. The rule for me is usually that if I’m the one asking I do it as a yoga karma. I ask not only celebrities but people who can’t afford it but do good and give more than they receive. If I’m asked to photograph I usually have a choice. There’re times when I don’t want to have financial relationship then I do it as karma yoga. But there’re times when I charge because I’m saving for a yoga teacher training of my own. I explain it all and people are happy to pay. 
When I work with other photographers I think about their well-being. I don’t compete because I see myself in them. We’re all the same. Some person may be earlier on their life path but I was there few months or years ago or even yesterday. I don’t judge. 
I hope if you are a photographer you find peace and kindness to people you photograph and if you are a yogi it’s already part of your life to learn how to create together in harmony 

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