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Sunrise at Brooklyn Bridge with my friend Joel @joelrobison  Joel is my

Sunrise at Brooklyn Bridge with my friend Joel @joelrobison 
Joel is my reminder to be the light and do good. It’s hard to share about him because he’s humble and doesn’t like being at the spotlight even if it’s just my feed. When I met Joel I felt lost. Being around Joel so much I relaxed and chose a different approach to creativity. I take projects if I see that I can either help or if I can get creative and grow. I stopped being focused on only earning but rather on giving. There were so many times when I would suggest Joel to do something and he would not do it just because he didn’t feel like the quality will be good. There were endless times though when he would volunteer his time and skills just for the sake of helping someone. Being surrounded by people who complete and measure success by amount of money earned I was struggling. I don’t think that earning money is wrong. I think, we all need money to survive. But I measure success by how happy my work makes me feel. There were endless times when the adventure was beyond anything money could buy. So Joel’s influence helped me to unblock myself and create and give more. So much more. Surprisingly, it is all returns back in different ways. Joel is a reminder to just focus on my work good and building good and create and trust that Universe has my back. I’m grateful to the Universe for this light that this friendship brought me. When the Universe sends such light my way and brings us together all the time on the journey I trust that I’m on the right path.

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