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Some quick #tritonsau shit bc I am totally DOWN for the bold

Some quick #tritonsau shit bc I am totally DOWN for the bold ass gothic lumberjack boi falling down on his knees to the cream puff jfc. She wanted some sweets and he made her ice cream. She’s enjoying it before going to bed. ((Olivia doesn’t like wearing her piercings when she’s asleep so she removes all of them)) Also also she has a habit of twirling?/ her hair when she likes someone. Karl is fanboying so hard but he’s anxious about approaching her? He doesn’t want to scare her bc she broke up with a certain fucker just recently! Also he finds her to be so mysterious and her eyes are sharp that peirce HARD ON HIS HEART. she makes his heard diddly darn pound. From her side, she’s also taking a huge liking on Karl. He seems intimidating and cocky but he is just a sweet darling at heart and she likes that! They both wanna hug and cuddle w each other sm but both are afraid to do the first move. ((in this AU, Olivia will also make the first move. The boi’s still shy LMAO))

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