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“Soft Shell” original acrylic painting on 20×30″ panel SOLD $15000 at Jonathan

“Soft Shell” original acrylic painting on 20×30″ panel SOLD $15000 at Jonathan LeVine Gallery, we have signed prints from $9.99 – $795 available worldwide on sale this week at my Strangeling website (link in profile!) one of my paintings from my show in New York last Saturday! The original acrylic painting sold at the show, but we have prints & canvases – glossy prints signed on the back by me ($9.99 & $19.99), open edition 12×18″ remarqued canvas print giclees on sale for only $90, and then the HUGE 30″x20″ full sized Masterpiece Limited Edition Canvas prints hand embellished by me, signed & numbered out of only five made are $795. All options are at my website link above, just use the dropdown box to choose what type of print you want.
Similar in composition to my animal-composite paintings like “Green Goddess” or “Arcimboldo Mermaid,” she is called “Soft Shell.” All of the creatures she is surrounded by are be animals that have hard shells – sea critters, nautilus, crabs, lobsters, barnacles, coral, etc. And then of course the girl herself does not have a shell, but hers is made up of the living animals. Several of these items are pieces in my specimen collection displayed in my studio (the horseshoe crab shell shedding is one I collected myself on the beach and have mounted on my wall). Astute viewers may notice the inclusion of the prehistoric arthropod Eurypterid (one of the oldest and largest arthropods that ever lived), the delicately beautiful peacock mantis shrimp, a coconut crab, an abalone & more!
Those of you in New York can see the original painting hanging at Jonathan LeVine Gallery through January 28th! ©Jasmine Becket-Griffith

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