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So this is a shy plant, it folds up when it is

So this is a shy plant, it folds up when it is touched or feels threatened as a defense mechanism. So here’s my question to Vegans. How can you justify eating plants knowing they are alive? Why do you think it’s okay to eat one living thing and then harass everyone else about eating another living thing. This plant is clearly scared for its life and you savage vegans just eat plants up like there’s no tomorrow. You cry about cows and pigs, but what about the BILLIONS of spiders, insects, reptiles and mice that die in wheat & grain fields.
1 cow dies and feeds 1000 people. Number for number, vegans are responsible for the death of more lives than carnivores, they just don’t acknowledge the lives of plants and insects because it doesn’t fit their agenda.
So please, think of the countless insects and plants that die every day because of vegans, if you eat meat you could save so many of these lives and it’s less lives taken per people fed. Eating meat is far more ethical when you look at the amount of lives lost. ( – @kagensound )

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