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Shrimp & pizza seasoning ‼️⠀ -⠀ My #flavorgod Pizza Seasoning is amazing Recipe

Shrimp & pizza seasoning ‼️⠀
My #flavorgod Pizza Seasoning is amazing with seafood⠀
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Below is the method on my cooking and recipe for my kale/parsley pesto⠀
⚪️1 cup-baby kale⠀
⚫️1/2 cup-parsley⠀
⚪️3 cloves-garlic⠀
⚫️1 lemon/juiced⠀
⚪️1/2 cup-olive oil⠀
⚫️1/4 cup-pistachios⠀
⚪️1/4 cup-Parmesan cheese⠀
⚫️#Flavorgod Himalayan salt and pepper to taste⠀
Blend ingredients in food processor.⠀
DIRECTIONS for cooking shrimp ⠀
pasta was cooked according to directions on box, season the water with Flavorgod Himalayan salt and pepper⠀
shrimp was sautéed in ghee butter. ( @omgheebutter ). Once fully cooked toss with minced garlic, 1/2 lemon juice, and #Flavorgod Pizza seasoning. Set aside⠀
NOTE: pasta was gifted to me and I am unsure as to the brand. The coloring of the pasta is from squid ink

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