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@sarah_joncas has a style that is so easily recognised! Her mysterious and

@sarah_joncas has a style that is so easily recognised! Her mysterious and stunning women are almost cinematic . They are full of intense emotion and the narrative is often centred around nature. Sarah’s work is often created to reflect her own thoughts, feelings and narrative about the world. There is no lack of empathy in her incredible pieces, they reflect an impressive view of life, and an almost romantic and serene feel. I adore her works! Each piece speaks of something intensely beautiful. We are so pleased Sarah found some time in her busy schedule to TAKE OVER Beautiful Bizarre’s socials today. Thank you Sarah and over to you! . . .
‘Cold Comfort’, 18×24″, (Oil and Acrylic on Panel) 2016. I recently created this work for a solo show that opened at @moderneden this past Feb. I had been experimenting more with my imagery and process for that show, creating backgrounds entirely with acrylic, while rendering the figures in oil. I also wanted to incorporate more graphic qualities to give the paintings a different vibe. This one in particular was my most personal from the show, and I used the view outside my studio window as a basis for it’s background.
Sarah Joncas has TAKEN OVER the Beautiful Bizarre socials, check in all day to see some of her favourite pieces!

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