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ROASTED TAMARI SWEET POTATO coming at ‘cha soft on the inside. Recipe

ROASTED TAMARI SWEET POTATO coming at ‘cha soft on the inside.. a little crispy on the outside stupidly easy to make, fulla flavour & perfect for meal prep what’s your favourite way to have sweet potato?
pretty standard but here’s what I did if you wanna give them a try:
preheat oven gas mark 6 / 200°C • wash your potatoes [I had 1kg] & give them a scrub under cold water • cut them however you like [I got bored & made all kinda shapes ] fries, wedges, chunks.. whatever you fancy!
in a bowl, mix together:
2 tbsp oil [I used lemon infused @mrhughsoil123 ] • 2 tbsp tamari • salt & pepper • any extra herbs / spices you like.
put the sweet potato on a baking tray, pour over the oil & using a spatula, make sure it’s all mixed together well.
cooking times will vary but 40 mins – 1 hour is usually enough I also give them a stir every 15 mins!
enjoy ❤
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