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“Poissons Volants: Les Poissons Roses” 8×10″ Acrylic painting on panel $2400 SOLD

“Poissons Volants: Les Poissons Roses” 8×10″ Acrylic painting on panel $2400 SOLD, prints from $9.99 on sale this week worldwide at my Strangeling website (link is in my profile!) Part of my “Poissons Volants” series (French, meaning Flying Fish) that combines my love of sea creatures, surrealism and Rococo portraiture! Les Poissons Roses translates to “The Pink Fish” and this piece does indeed feature some stunning pink fishies! They are winged fish – as if transforming from fish into butterflies, from the water to the sky. This piece debuted at the Corey Helford Gallery’s “Defying Gravity” show – the idea behind which they invited several artists to paint pictures featuring items up in the sky or floating in the air that were not usually up in the air (so I thought my winged fish would fit in perfectly!) and the original acrylic painting was sold there as well, but we do have prints & canvases available now at Strangeling.com . I will be returning to the Corey Helford Gallery (located in downtown Los Angeles) next July 2018 for my largest solo show to date, a massive collection of new original paintings entitled “Magical Thinking” – stay tuned!
The 8×10″ glossy paper prints are signed by me on the back and are on sale for $9.99 this week, we also have limited edition canvases, hand embellished by me in acrylic paints, same size, signed & numbered out of only 25 made, priced at $100 each – all on my Strangeling website (link in profile) as well as Amazon, Etsy (seller: Strangeling) and eBay (sellers: Strangeling and also StrangelingEmporium). We always ship worldwide.
The original has sold but you can still see it hanging at the Corey Helford Gallery’s “Defying Gravity” show hanging for the next several weeks in downtown Los Angeles!

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