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.—–PLEASE READ—– . The city of Halifax is a growing city and

The city of Halifax is a growing city and experiencing all the things a city does when going through that ever changing process. Some of these things are great (#halifaxcentrallibrary) and some of these things are not so great, such as… Many of our old & beautiful heritage homes being demolished to makes way for multi res units or simply to rebuild more homes on a lot to maximize profit on resale. To help guard against our city simply being paved over developers are asked/mandated to plan for green spaces. If a developer chooses against this option they are forced to pay a monetary amount as a penalty. This is not a deterrent, rather a minor obstacle and often the one chosen by developers.
Please take a moment to sign the petition (link in bio) insuring the city doesn’t just take more money… they have done a horrible job in stopping this developer from tearing down one the city’s most historic homes, completely changing the face of our most picturesque historic street forever.

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