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Photography and especially collaborating with other artists is a big part of

Photography and especially collaborating with other artists is a big part of my practice of non-attachment. I know that a lot of people around me struggle with it. I see a lot of arguments when people see that other people take similar images or when someone forgets to credit or when someone doesn’t understand your vision. I don’t worry much about most of those things thanks to my viewpoint on that. But there’re still things that I wish I cared less or didn’t care at all. I think, most thing I still struggle with is when I see that someone doesn’t trust my vision or my intention in creating what I do. I do sometimes feel slightly upset when people forget to credit but this doesn’t last long, I let this one go very fast.
What helps me to go through times when it’s easy to enable the ego and feel misunderstood or not appreciated. I help myself reminding myself that I’m just a vessel, a tool to bring it to the world. And all I want to bring is inspiration and help other people. It’s hard though each time especially when it involves other artists. That was a reason I created so little with other photographers in past year. I don’t communicate my needs and wants so I just held pause button to avoid discomfort. But I’m making attempts to get back to it. With students it’s easier because it’s a contract that they chose me as a mentor which means they do trust me. When working with other creatives there’s no contract, not set rules, no written manual how to approach it. I don’t like my ego to be tickled at all. That’s why I feel that photography is an extension on my spiritual practice. It tests it all. Non-atachment, compassion, being able to let go fast, kindness, patience, creativity, not seeking external validation, connection, being present. Everything any yogi needs right there when I create images.

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