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Photo @hammond_Robin for @natgeo. The Hamedo family are from Aleppo, #Syria. They

Photo @hammond_Robin for @natgeo. The Hamedo family are from Aleppo, #Syria. They left three years ago after their house was destroyed in shelling. On this Monday afternoon the children play on the grassed area in front of the GDR Ministry for State Security, more commonly known as The Stasi, now transformed into an emergency shelter by the German Red Cross. The 13 story building is now a temporary shelter for 1300 #refugees, including 700 children. The Syrian and other refugees streaming into #Europe since 2015 have roiled its politics and tested its tolerance. But they’re just the latest of many waves of #immigrants since World War II that includes Indians in Britain, Algerians in France, Somalis in Sweden, Turks in Germany. See my latest story for National Geographic Magazine to meet some of the immigrants who are reshaping the continent. To see more from this story follow @hammond_robin

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