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Over the last couple of weeks of having chiropractic sessions to heal Recipe

Over the last couple of weeks of having chiropractic sessions to heal my neck, other parts of my body have shifted. Small things that were slightly out of place are now in alignment, and my chiro announced happily yesterday that my pelvis and spine had ‘stabilised.’ Sounds great right?
Well, physically yes it is. I found myself back on my yoga mat this morning, and my body feels different right now, we are getting to know one another in this newly structured form. Poses feel different, some things are easier, others harder, my balance is off. At one point in my practice, sweat dripping down my forehead and a frown creased into my brow, I thought, ‘I wish my body was just back how it was.’ I caught this wish and the ridiculousness of it made me laugh.
I was being stubborn, impatient, ungrateful. But it made me think- how often do we stay in situations in life where we know we are not in alignment with ourself or our purpose, but it feels comfortable, so we stay there.
Getting into true alignment, finding how to navigate new waters, no matter how ‘right’ we know they are, feels scary, we shy away.
This neck injury of mine has given me so much time to ponder my life and the bigger picture. It has certainly been an outward manifestation of inner emotions brewing.
Its not easy. Its not comfortable. But it is real. It is creating growth and ushering in change. And I feel excited, leaping into the fear, ready for new beginnings, no matter how wobbly they feel at first.
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