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Original kiln formed glass letters made over 110years ago. These letters are

Original kiln formed glass letters made over 110years ago. These letters are rare antique pieces of art. I am selling them individually to lettering artists and people that appreciate beautiful type. It’s hard to let them go but I haven’t space for them. These glass letters were made by vacuum forming sheet glass over cast iron plates with indented letter forms cast into their face. There were fine small vacuum ports engineered into these cast iron molds to pull the more critical sharper chiseled terminus of the letter ends tightly down into the mold. Rubbing your finger over these terminus ends you will often detect a small raised smooth “nib” where the softened glass was slightly sucked down into the vacuum hole. After the heated and molded glass sheet was removed from the mold and slowly cooled, workers would cut the individual formed letters still encircled with the surrounding flat glass scrap from the formed sheet. Then these formed pieces would be ground on a rotating flat cast iron grinding mill with emery and water slurry to grind away the unwanted scrap background. The result would be the free standing formed letter as is pictured above. Then I believe from the slightly less than pure gold tone pictured, the glass letters were brushed with gold chloride mixed in aromatic oil and returned to a furnace to permanently fuse the gold into the backside of the letter. Once cooled, they were backed up with paint. Please message me for more info if you would like to own one of these letters. Some characters are missing . Please swipe to the left to view all the type. #gilded #kilnformed #kilnfired #type #typography #handmade #letters #signwriting #signs #victorian #signmaker #graphicdesign

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