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Okay, so this is so not my best work but I wanted

Okay, so this is so not my best work but I wanted to share a story and this is the photo to the story. See those tiny little lumps on the rocks? Those are seals! I’m still getting used to my underwater housing and I decided to pack just the port for my fisheye lens so, although I look far away in this shot, I was actually only 6 meters away. (Lesson number 1: select the right equipment) Once I finally got a shot in focus I realized that the ocean floor was out of focus (Lesson number 2: check your depth of field ). Deciding that I needed to get even closer for a better shot I edged up to the rocks only for the seals to ‘en masse’ start barking at me and launch into the water by their dozens! Have you ever had dozens of barking seals launching off rocks at you? Well, now I have, and you know what? I was grinning so much I didn’t even get a photo. So yeah, if you’re ever feeling like a bit of a hot mess don’t worry, … none of us really have it together. @Eurobodalla #Unspoilt #Sp

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