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#OBRecipes (tap for tunes ): Wheatgrass Chocolate Mint Cake You’ve got to Recipe

#OBRecipes (tap for tunes ): Wheatgrass Chocolate Mint Cake You’ve got to love raw cakes! Especially when they’re #glutenfree, #dairyfree and refined #sugarfree. Creamy alkalising goodness covered in chocolate, giving you stable, long lasting energy and a happy tummy. ⠀⠀
Get clear and glowing skin with healthy fats from nuts and Vitamin A from @OrganicBurst Wheatgrass⠀⠀
Avocados are loaded with soluble fiber, helping to stabilise your blood sugar levels.⠀⠀
Perfect for any occasion!⠀⠀
For the base:⠀⠀
1.5 cups mixed nuts⠀⠀
1/4 cup coconut oil⠀⠀
1/4 cup rice malt syrup⠀⠀
For the Wheatgrass filling:⠀⠀
6 ripe avocados, halved and pitted⠀⠀
1 tablespoon @OrganicBurst Wheatgrass⠀⠀
1/4 cup rice malt syrup⠀⠀
1/4 cup coconut oil⠀⠀
1 tablespoon peppermint extract⠀⠀
For the chocolate ganache:⠀⠀
12 oz. chocolate chunks⠀⠀
1 cup coconut milk⠀⠀
1. Make your base. Blend the mixed nuts in a food processor until sandy texture is achieved.⠀⠀
2. Pour in the coconut oil and rice malt syrup. Blend once again until a dough-like texture is formed.⠀⠀
3. Transfer mixture into the bottom of a 9-inch spring pan. Press firmly, creating a tight compressed layer. Freeze.⠀⠀
4. Make the filling. Blend all the ingredients in a food processor until you’ve achieved a velvety mousse.⠀⠀
5. Remove spring pan from the freezer and pour avocado mixture over the base. Smooth the layer down.⠀⠀
6. Transfer pan back into the freezer for at least 5 hours.⠀⠀
7. Make your chocolate ganache. Heat coconut milk in a sauce pan. Once it starts to boil, remove from heat.⠀⠀
8. Pour the heated coconut milk on chocolate chunks. Stir gently until all the chocolate chunks are melted.⠀⠀
9. Remove cake from freezer. Coat the cake with chocolate mixture. Refrigerate for 1 hour.⠀⠀
10. Decorate with edible flowers and mint leaves before serving.⠀⠀
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