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Ninja Dragonlings! One of my paintings debuting at Dragon Con! I have

Ninja Dragonlings! One of my paintings debuting at Dragon Con! I have been working on the sketch/layout for this one for AGES. About four years ago I first conceived the idea, we created these characters for a collection of Hamilton Collection figurines (they turned out super cute), and I’ve been tentatively planning a painting around them. And of course I always get sidetracked with other paintings, projects, gallery shows, or Disney stuff, etc.
I’ve chosen Yuriko and Izumi for my painting – Yuriko is my fire ninja character and Izumi is my water ninja character, they have an elemental theme. And of course they have their baby dragons with them ;) The background will be a lush idealized Asia-inspired landscape (a more fleshed out version of traditional Chinese & Japanese mountain/tree watercolour landscapes). At this point in the photo I am working very much on lighting – I want Yuriko’s dragon to have glowing fiery scales along its back and I want Izumi’s dragon to have brilliant aqua watery-glowy scales along its back, so there will be two very bright light sources coming from them. It should be a very dynamic layout.
This original painting (and prints, etc.) will debut at the DragonCon Art Show itself. This is an acrylic painting on a 12×16″ panel, so it’ll be priced at $5200 mark, will be beautifully framed at 23×27″
As always with DragonCon’s Art Show, collectors must attend in person to purchase the artwork, and it is first-come, first-served, no reservations or first-dibs pre-sales are accepted (their rules, not mine). DragonCon is held in Atlanta, GA – September 1-4. I will be in the Art Show, down in the lowest level of the Hyatt Regency Atlanta.
If you are not attending DragonCon but are still interested in the original painting, please let me know at any time – email me at – I will create a backup “first dibs” list for non-attendees (ie, if after the show ends that Monday the original painting is still available, I can then sell the painting directly myself to anybody worldwide and can mail it to you). I will keep you posted! This photo is from earlier of course, I will post some more recent WIP photos soon =)

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