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My piece for #Chroma coming to @hudsonhughesgallery July 7th. Hudson Hughes is

My piece for #Chroma coming to @hudsonhughesgallery July 7th. Hudson Hughes is an online gallery started by myself and @brynnelizabethart. Email for pricing.We are proud to annouce our very first online group show, “CHROMA,” opening 7/7/17. Hudson Hughes Gallery is the brainchild of new contemporary artists Megan Buccere and Brynn Elizabeth.
Chroma is the signal used in video systems to convey the color information of the picture, separately from the accompanying luma (black and white) signal. In layman’s terms, chroma is the color added to the black and white information of a picture.
Our artists have worked in black and white and a color of their choosing to create striking pieces of art.
Participating artists:
Rachael Bridge
Megan Buccere
Ellen Wilberg
Brandon Maslar
Cora Crimson
Lara Dann
Joshua Coffy
Claytin Goss
Brynn Elizabeth
Johnie Thornton
Maria Teicher
Amanda Stalter
Opening 7/7/17 at www.hudsonhughesgallery.com

meganbuccere (Megan Buccere(bus era)) shared for #art.