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Let’s talk about how I have become this crazy pie lady! I Recipe

Let’s talk about how I have become this crazy pie lady! I don’t know where it came from. Actually scratch that, I blame my family. We never had cakes growing up – we always had pie. Maybe it is because I grew up in the (quasi) South or maybe because it is pie and who doesn’t love a good ‘ol pie?
So in honor of Pi Day (as in the number 3.14159265359) – a day where bakers and mathematicians collide, I am making PIE! For the record I am just celebrating the pie part of pi day because I am in no way a mathematician – I can barely add sometimes.
I am making one last ditch honor to citrus season with a lemon meringue pie. Oh and let’s be honest I just wanted to blow torch something. (That goes along with my love of drones if you watched my Insta stories;)) Couple notes about the recipe.
First, you can skip the meringue topping and just use whipped cream.
Also if you don’t own a kitchen torch, not to worry the broiler in your oven works as well.
Lastly, the lemon filling makes an incredible lemon curd – just don’t bake it in a pie, instead store in it your fridge in a mason jar and serve on top of toast or yogurt.
Grab the link to the full recipe in the profile. Music by @birocratic and the name of the song is “ Peach Bums”

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