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Last time I share this but it’s my birthday so why the

Last time I share this but it’s my birthday so why the hell not! Go to @coyneleather and participate on the giveaway! ———————— #Repost @coyneleather (@get_repost)
Final day to enter #coyneleathersugarweek raffle giveaway! Ending it on my birthday today, so be sure to share away. (Instructions and story below) ————————– Sugar week raffle giveaway!
From July 13-19 is when Lauren and I celebrate a string of anniversaries, that we have come to call Sugar Week. The thirteenth is our wedding anniversary, the fifteenth Lauren and I met, the seventeen I moved to the US from the Netherlands, the eighteenth Lauren and I went on our first date and we got Nuada, and on the nineteenth is my birthday. For bonus days we got Etain on the second, and John Conure on the sixth. So in celebration of Sugar Week I’m going to raffle off a chance to win either a custom classic collar, or a set of custom bracer cuffs! What you need to do is follow us on Instagram (Coyneleather), share and tag one of our pictures and add #coyneleathersugarweek You can do this as many times as you want, each counting as an entry. The 19th will be the last day, and I’ll announce it soon there after!
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