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|| JUST GIVE UP? || … #latenightthoughts so it’s a bit later Recipe


so it’s a bit later than i would normally post and most likely all of you have gone to bed. I normally get over things quickly, move on quick and get on with it and bring the positive vibes in. But sometimes things do get to me. I am a very sensitive person, especially sensitive to energies and actions. I am a very generous person and would go out of my way to do things for others. I also wear my heart on my sleeve. Some may call me a people pleaser. I want to make sure that everyone leaves my presence happier than when they arrived. I know I am chasing the impossible. I am just saying how it is.
I used to be a QUITer. I feel like some days I still am. Although motherhood, twice over, has taught me strength. And I don’t mean the physical kind. You see in the past if something was overwhelming or a little too “uncomfortable”, I would run away from it. I would throw it all in. I threw in gym memberships (1000 times), successful businesses and business ideas (a fair few times), opportunities etc. LOTS of things. Although I never ran away from defending myself or standing up for things I believed in. I fought for those things. I still do.
Sometimes I get to a point when I just want to throw it all in. I don’t mean my life, I just mean things I am doing. Honestly, I can be high vibing one second and then one action, or one thought or one message can bring back those “giving up” feels. Why? I don’t know. But you know what? Every time I have those feelings rush over me, like right now, I become so impulsive. I want to throw it all in. So I call upon my friends/family and they instantly ground me, support me and bring me back to reality. My support network is my lifeline. And during my sleep my angels take all my worries away. Until next time that is…until next time I feel like throwing it all in. So not every day starts perfect and sometimes it also doesn’t end perfect. But we have a choice to recognise it, deal with it and move past it. Use your support network. Trust your gut. And don’t feel like you have to do it all alone. And if something is meant to be. You won’t give up on it Big Love beautiful people xx Lu

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