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It’s Tuesday morning and here I am eating chocolate while wearing active Recipe

It’s Tuesday morning and here I am eating chocolate while wearing active wear. Regrets nothing .
Morning! These are my yummy chocolate, almond butter and cranberry quinoa bars from a while back which I make over and over coz they are such a delish treat and my hubs is always asking for them. So to keep him quiet I whip up a batch and then my other treats are safe for a while Is it bad that I hide food? Does anyone else do that? My hubby has a nose like a sniffer dog and will sniff out my treats a mile off so I’m getting creative with hiding spots Anyhoo here’s the recipe again in case you wanna put ya skills to use!
Chocolate, almond butter and cranberry quinoa bars❤️
1/2 cup of coconut oil
1/2 cup of cacao powder
1/2 cup of brown rice syrup or honey
1/2 cup of smooth almond butter ( needs to be the runny kind )
2 cups of quinoa pops
1/2 cup of dried cranberries or raisins
1/4 cup of nuts or seeds ( optional )
1 tsp Vanilla powder
First gently melt together the coconut oil, honey , cacao powder and almond butter in a saucepan over a LOW heat. Gently stirring until you have a smooth velvety chocolate sauce. Once you have your yummy chocolate base remove from heat and add the quinoa pops, cranberries and seeds and mix well. Feel free to add a few more quinoa pops if you don’t want them too chocolately. Pour mixture into a lined brownie tin and leave to set in the fridge for a couple hours. Once set remove from tin and cut into bars. Enjoy!!❤️

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