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It’s time to say good bye (or “until I see you again”)

It’s time to say good bye (or “until I see you again”). You know, yesterday listening to Dylan @dylanwerneryoga talking to someone else I realised that he’s my teacher. Since I met him for some reason I always thought of him as a friend, teacher of other people but not mine. But listening to him it just became so clear that he is my teacher. What he said changed a lot. He talked about yoga and how there’re eight limbs and practicing those make you a better person. He was also talking about focusing on practice not the goal. In past week I was around him he touched every area of my life I’m working on, including photography and my use of social media. So I’ll call him my teacher from now on. In includes friendship too. I have a lot of teachers. Some say to me that we are all teachers of each other. I agree on that but at the same time I’m at the place where I do feel that change in my perception when I’m ready to learn everything from the person, when I trust his experience and what he shares with the world. And Dylan shared a lot. I learnt a bit but without that much dedication. Now I want to practice that more. To read what he suggested, to do his CopyApp classes, to read what he writes. 
I got up with an intention to practice and deepen my practice and photography. A great teacher and a friend. Until I see you again. Enjoy your journey

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