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It’s taken me 2 full weeks to finally feel like I’m back Recipe

It’s taken me 2 full weeks to finally feel like I’m back in the game again, after being completely disconnected from everything work related during the summer. This break has been good in so many ways, but the one thing that stands out the most is how itchy I am to get back to creating recipes and writing long blog posts and email letters to you guys again! I have so many ideas that I totally front loaded my to-do list this week haha. Why do I never learn? There are simply too many recipes out there waiting to be cooked, too many texts screaming to be written. To help me navigate this sea of endless possibilities, I wanted to ask you what kind of recipes and blog topics you would like to see on Cashew Kitchen this autumn? Anything special you love and wanna see more of, or something you are lacking? Could be stuff for instagram too of course! I wanna make sure I create stuff that’s meaningful and interesting to you! ✨ Otherwise it’s pointless to me. Connecting with you guys is everything ❤️ Would be super grateful if you wanted to leave a comment on what you are curious to read about Hope you’re having a cosy evening! Over here I’m busy packing for my trip up north, and listening to a new autumn playlist

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