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It’s Contest Time //Theme// We want to see who can get

It’s Contest Time //Theme// We want to see who can get creative and take the best Jolyn Local photo or video.
Each account will have their own winner and there will also be an overall winner. //Rules// A.) post a photo or video that is locally inspired. Example: you in a jolyn with your favorite sports team Jersey, Jolyn’s in front of a landmark, college, restaurant etc. anything that is Local to where you live or are currently living.
B.) Tag 10 friends and hashtag #jolynlocal and your local account (ex: #jolynShows )
C.) follow @jolynclothing and your local account (see below)
D.) add your location when posting (ex: city,state)
Winner is announced Tuesday after Labor Day. //Prize// a free Jolyn for each territory winner and the best overall wins a Jolyn prize pack worth over $200!
Accounts in this contest…. tag a friend to Join!!
@jolynshows = Southern California
@jolynmidwest- (Ohio, Kentucky, Iowa)
@jolynatlantic (Florida)
@jolyncentralplains (kansas, Missouri)
@jolynsouth (Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, TN, S Carolina)

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