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“In the end wounds become scars to tell tales of time, except

“In the end wounds become scars to tell tales of time, except those of the heart; for they last a life…” ☠️ Nice new #sneekpeek from @dface_official who is hard at work on his upcoming show #HappyNeverEnding, opening on September 23rd!
D*Face is a London-based artist whose work features reoccurring themes about celebrity, fame and mortality. Influenced by punk music, graffiti, skateboarding, his work can be seen across a variety of different media applying his playful, tongue-in-cheek imagery with anti-establishment values, and his early artistic inspirations include pop artists such as Lichtenstein, Haring and Warhol.
He shares: “I wanted to encourage people to not just to ‘see’, but to look at what surrounds them and their lives, reflecting our increasingly bizarre popular culture, re-thinking and reworking cultural figures and genres to comment on our ethos of conspicuous consumption. A Pandora’s box of bittersweet delights, sweet and sugary on the surface, but with an unfamiliar, uncomfortable, taste beneath… This isn’t the beginning, it’s not the end it’s happy never ending.”
Stay tuned for more updates as we near the show!
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