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I’m varnishing all the “Tiny Treasures” – new 3×3″ original paintings that

I’m varnishing all the “Tiny Treasures” – new 3×3″ original paintings that will be at DragonCon! I will have these little beauties with me at my Artist Bazaar Table located in the DragonCon Art Show at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta’s Grand Hall West starting at 1pm Friday. These are highly sought after, exclusive to live events, come early (but be courteous and don’t run!) if you’d like to purchase one. They are (gasp!) $195 each, special show price. Any leftovers will be given away as prizes to my Patreon patrons ( join at Patreon, search Jasmine) after the show! We cannot pre-reserve these, they are first come, first served. Again, these will be at my personal booth (not hanging on the wall) inside the Art Show – I’m in the same spot as always, the far back left hand corner along the back wall of Grand Hall West in the Hyatt. DragonCon is in Atlanta, Georgia and runs from September 1-4th. I’ve got tons of new art & merchandise & exclusive freebies and I’m happy to sign autographs. My booth will be open there all day every day, I will be there in person 95% of the time (excepting short bathroom breaks, a scheduled meeting Saturday afternoon/evening, and during the programming panels I am hosting). Come see my panels – both are on Sunday for some reason, 11:30am and 5:30pm – both programs located in Grand Hall C at the Hyatt.

strangeling (Jasmine Becket-Griffith) shared for #art.