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I’m so happy to tell you that I’ve teamed up with the Recipe

I’m so happy to tell you that I’ve teamed up with the app Lifesum to talk about health and what inspires me, hence this post is a collaboration with Lifesum (and also I’ve made a recipe for breakfast granola pies) I’ve been using Lifesum since 2013 and it’s been such a great success for my long term health. I know all about being sick and feeling week since I live with a brain damage that can sometimes make me sick and weak. When I got my stroke I decided that I didn’t want to feel sick and weak anymore and I started my long term goal towards better health, and Lifesum has been a huge help! It makes me keep track of my veggie and fruit intake and I also track my water intake with Lifesum. It’s actually so much fun, it’s y favorite part. Don’t really know why, but it’s so satisfying clicking in that water bottle and then hitting my 2,5 liter mark. It’s like using a step counter, it makes walking even more fun.
The app is free and you can download it if you click in the link in my profile!
I don’t like when health is all about getting a flat tummy and a big booty (my booty is fine thank you very much). But I want to be strong and healthy, I want to have a lifestyle that makes me live longer and be healthy longer. To be able to run and do awesome air kicks (please, have you seen my air kicks, they are like..hum…well I’m kicking the air, that’s all I can say) . So go check it out if you’re interested in being more healthy and please let me know what you think! Read more and get my recipe for this amazing breakfast granola pie in my blog (www.madebymary.se) #lifesum #healthspo #healthy #healthyisthenewsexy #healthylife #healthyrecipes #madebymary

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