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I’m living my dream. Rode up to San Jose from LA to

I’m living my dream. Rode up to San Jose from LA to take photos for a commission for the most wonderful family. Such beautiful and easy kiddos to photo shoot and I was made to feel extremely welcome. Blessed. Headed over to Mariposa made camp for the night. The temperature is beautiful, enjoying a few Wolf among the weeds and listening to a steven king audiobook. Ahhh perfect. Tomorrow,crack of dawn I’m riding through Yosemite and along the Tioga pass, something I’ve wanted to do for such a long time. The only thing I’m missing is a bit of company with good friends but I’m sure I can do it again with them. I’m so grateful to my wife @michellejoliver for understanding my need to experience this ride, for holding down the fort while I’m away adventuring and for picking up my slack. Journeying alone, however amazing the locations, makes me appreciate the gift of family life and restrengthens my love for home and my loved ones. Plus I’m extremely grateful that I have a beautiful machine to carry me along. I finally get why people bang on about Harely Davison motorcycles. They really are the dog bollocks. I think I’ll have my idle John Muir audiobook accompany my journey tomorrow. What an absolute delight. Goodnight friends.

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