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If you’d asked me a year ago to do something on that Recipe

If you’d asked me a year ago to do something on that day. . no notice whatsoever. . I would’ve said no straight up ✋ I used to live my day by the minute. when I woke up. my food. my gym time. having a bath. EVERYTHING. If anyone wanted to do anything with me I had to make sure I knew every little detail so I could make it fit into my stupidly strict day. how sad is that? our lives should feel free where we can just go, get up & do whatever we want, whenever we want. no rules. ok, to some extent that’s not possible but you know what I mean right?
It’s taken me a long time to get where I am now. it didn’t happen overnight. I had to challenge little behaviours, do things differently & step outta my comfort zone it made me anxious af & I knew it’d be “easier” to not bother. but I did. a lot. I kept on trying. why? because deep down there’s a part of me that doesn’t want to be comfortable. I want to get out there. meet people. have fun. just f*cking live with no anxieties or fears & guess what? It worked.
my beautiful @greenjadelifestyle & @katieforbes messaged me today & asked if I was in London. I’m not. but you bet I looked up my trains & said I’d be there asap to get sweaty with them, @thebodycoach & 5000 other people for @teenage_cancer ❤
you might not feel like you’re making progress, whatever journey you’re on but think back. . a week, a month, a year changes don’t happen overnight, you gotta keep pushing even through the shittest of times. . the times you can’t be bothered, are a bit of an effort or you don’t think will make a difference. If you know it’s the RIGHT thing to do in that moment, if you know it will make you HAPPY, if you wanna look back & think “I’m so proud I did that & I’m so proud of where I am now”. . DO IT!
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