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I will go back to recipes tomorrow, but for now I wanted Recipe

I will go back to recipes tomorrow, but for now I wanted to help raise awareness of the dire need they currently have in Houston for donations. I can’t begin to imagine what the people there are going through or how they feel. Some have lost all of their belongings, and tens of thousands are sleeping in shelters. I see hashtags about praying for Houston, but they need even more than prayers right now. The NYT published an article on reputable organizations taking donations, and I’m posting a link to one of those—the Houston Food Bank—directly at the top of my profile @chocolatecoveredkatie. (The food bank is taking monetary donations, and I chose to donate to that particular organization because it received a higher rating from Charity Navigator and its CEO makes much less than the CEO of Red Cross. The NYT article lists other reputable charities as well.) .
I know that I lose hundreds of followers when I post things like this, but thinking about how entire homes are flooded and some have lost everything really highlights how trivial and privileged my worries about things like instagram followers are. Aside from monetary donations, there is also a critical need for blood donations to the area right now if you can give blood. And to all of the people who have actually gone down to Houston to help on the ground, thank you for being so incredible.

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