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I spent many years travelling, and the travel itself- the living abroad Recipe

I spent many years travelling, and the travel itself- the living abroad, the experience of filling my senses with new sights and smells- was enough. In fact, it was everything. I lived for it.
What Im finding more and more as I travel now, is an emptiness, a longing for more. To exist more, to give more, to be part of something bigger. What travel seems to do now more than anything else, is wake me up. It reminds me of the bigger picture and my role in the world. It reminds me of how incredibly lucky I am to have all that I do and inspires me to utilise this potential in bigger, more profound ways.
This trip more than ever before has forced me to ask myself the question- Why am I still playing small when I have so much to give? Why am I still hiding quietly in comfort zones when I know that real happiness and contentment comes from putting yourself out on the edge?
I see the way I have used travel to remain on the periphery of life and to keep myself distanced from people. My introvert nature basks in spontaneous and fleeting connections with people, where I dont need to open myself up nor make any promises.
But this isn’t where I want to dwell anymore.
I want more.
Real connections.
To say yes to my dreams.
To be vulnerable enough to stay open and trust.
I dont want to live in the shadows of a beautiful life anymore. I want to tiptoe out into the world and say hello, Im here, Im ready, lets do this ❤️ #livefully #dreambig

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